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OtherSpace: Recommended viewing, playing, and reading!

February 17, 2011 Leave a comment

If you’re playing OtherSpace – or just thinking about it – it can be a little daunting.

Assuming the role of a character in an original-theme space opera universe that doesn’t have hundreds of fansites online isn’t always easy. However, making yourself familiar with the genre in general can go a long way toward preparing you for what to expect.

With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of movies, TV shows, video games, and books that could help get you in the right mood for a successful experience on the MUSH.

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Classic Reach of the Empire Log: “Light of Day”

July 15, 2010 2 comments

This real-time collaborative storytelling scene took place sometime in 2002 online on Star Wars: Reach of the Empire. I played the roles of C4PU and Dash Rendar:

Infirmary (Imperial Prison Facility: Kessel)

This sterile-looking facility is where prisoners who are injuried in the mines receive medical treatment. Rows of beds extend outward from the walls, and several medical droids move about from patient to patient. From the look of things, injuries in the mines are a common occurrence, and new patients, many in very serious condition, are brought in in a nearly constant stream.

From Bacta Tank, Phoenix doesn’t open her eyes and her cuts slowly stop bleeding. The bacta’s still a muddy purple colour from the blood released already though. The teen floats in the tank, hands unbandaged and looking beat up to the extreme.

C4PU walks into the infirmary, arms bowed outward as he approaches one of the worktables.

Elaer tilts his head to the side, looking at the human in the tank curiously. Seems he can’t help but wonder what happened to the young woman to beat her up so badly. The droid finishes wrapping his ribs, pulling the wrapping tight to make sure everything’s held in place, eliciting a yelp of pain from the Duros.

C4PU rearranges the swabs and medical gear on the worktable. Quietly studies the new formation. Makes a “tsk” sound and goes about rearranging them again.

From Bacta Tank, Probably not anything all that much – just shift duty. A braid that’s waist length or longer hangs down, piling up slightly at the bottom of the tank. Ix continues to sleep or whatever it is she’s doing, a small smile crossing her face – whether or not it can be seen from under the rebreather is hard to say, as is the cause of her happiness.

Elaer glances at the protocol droid, examining it with a quiet confidence, an assessing look. It’s the kind of look you’d see from someone well versed in droid matters. He nods politely to the 2-1B droid as it finishes tending to his cuts, scooching back a ways on the bed to sit with his back against the wall and watch the room easily.

C4PU turns and makes his way toward the bacta tank. His optical receptors flicker for a moment, and then he and his reflection turn toward the 2-1B droid. “How much longer do you anticipate this patient will require bacta treatment?”

The medical droid replies, “Her bacta treatment is anticipated to last 24 hours although it may be longer if her hands are not healed by that time.” Ix just..floats and smiles, a stream of bubbles coming from her rebreather.

“Oh, my,” the protocol droid replies, turning his attention back to the prisoner adrift in the bluish-green fluid. “That is most unfortunate. The overseer made it quite clear. He wants her back in the mines this afternoon.”

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Twitter Topic: #lameskywalkerexcuses

December 16, 2009 1 comment

Here are my contributions to the #lameskywalkerexcuses ideas that were bouncing around on Twitter recently.

* “But I was going into Jabba’s shed to pick up some womprat droppings!”
* “But I was going into the Mos Eisley gym to catch a glimpse of my sister in that gold bikini!”
* “But I was going into that Tusken raider camp to sell magazine subscriptions!”
* “But I was going into the Dune Sea for the big surfing competition!”
* “But I was going into the Anchorhead Mall to by a new wrap shirt at HyperTopic!”
* “But I was going into the Sarlaac to suffer a lingering death for a thousand years!”
* “But I was going into the Mos Eisley PetSmart to pick up rancor floss!”