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Unveiling the new e-zine!

March 31, 2010 Leave a comment

A long time ago, in the early days of OtherSpace, we had an e-zine in PDF format for our players.

Starting now, we renew that tradition with the introduction of the Spacers Landing e-zine. The first issue, available for free download, is at this link.

In this issue:

* New race: Ligerlings!
* Showcase roleplaying log: Name on the Bullet
* Sage advice from OS veterans
* Introduction to OS: Dominion!



Twitter Topic: #computergameflicks

March 29, 2010 Leave a comment

Here are my contributions to the #computergameflicks ideas that were bouncing around on Twitter recently.

* The People vs. Leisure Suit Larry
* Pete’s Dragon’s Lair
* A Civilization Action
* New Zork, New Zork
* Bright Lights, Sim City
* Dan in Half Life
* Myst Congeniality
* The Year of Lemmings Dangerously
* Raiders of the Lost Arkham Asylum
* Butterfly Mass Effect

Monday MUD Day – 3/29/2010

March 29, 2010 1 comment

Wessed Up History – 3/29/2010

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* March 22, 1948: In a cloud of glitter and rainbows, wearing a phantom mask and a multicolored coat, Andrew Lloyd Weber is born.
* March 23, 1806: Lewis and Martin’s Corps of Discovery decides to head home after three drunken weeks in Las Vegas. Inexplicably, Lewis keeps yelling “HEY NICE LADY!” at Sacajawea.
* March 24, 1970: Actress Lara Flynn Boyle is born. At birth, she weighs more than she does as an adult.
*  March 25: It’s Vårfrudagen or Våffeldagen, also known as “Waffle Day,” in Sweden. ZOMG WAFLZ!
* March 26, 1874: Poet Robert Frost takes the birth canal less traveled – and that makes all the difference.
* March 27, 1845: Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen is born in a burst of X-rays from within a vacuum-sealed tube. Doctors, sadly, forgot to wear their lead-lined pants.
* March 28, 1905: Marlan Perkins travels downstream to set up base camp in the maternity ward while Jim Fowler wrestles womb crocodiles.

OtherSpace: Roleplayers of the Week – 3/26/10

March 27, 2010 Leave a comment

Congratulations to the OtherSpace Roleplayers of the Week for 3/26/10:

Top Roleplayer: Kestrel

Superstars: Anshera

Stars: Razorback * Lucius * Naoi * Mern * Tiana Ryoleli * Grayback * Fauze * MacNamara * Sheppard * Miklos Gyrferen * Jaswinder * Kiterin * Garviel * Alaire * Eylohta * Majors * Lildrina * Bennatsuyu * Chaos * Sarenity * Lila * Medea * Andrew * Ribas Salek * Alexandra * Loken * Bri

Join our cast of talented characters at

The New Anti-Jabba Plan

March 26, 2010 5 comments

Mostly, this plan involves eating:

* Fish
* Vegetables
* Fruit
* Not much red meat or pork
* Little or no dairy
* No junk food

And it involves drinking:

* Water
* Diet soft drinks

And it involves getting off my ass and:

* Walking
* Running
* Otherwise exercising

I’ve been on a decent walking regimen for about a month now, but that’s going to be amped up. Eventually, I’ll probably sign up for a fitness club membership somewhere. In particular, I’ll be watching for clubs that offer achievements because, as people should know about me by now, I’m an achievement whore and I love turning things I should hate into things that are fun.

Stay tuned. We’ll see how it goes.

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“You know who you look like?”

March 25, 2010 2 comments

One bright side of a funeral for someone as well-loved as Mama Bess is that it brought together a lot of relatives who hadn’t seen each other for years. I hadn’t seen my cousins Chip and Joel for decades. We’re featured together in a photo from 1969, when Chip and I were toddlers and Joel was still an infant. The toddlers are standing on either side of Mama Bess as she’s cradling Joel in her arm. For the memorial service on Saturday, we sat together once again, watching the photo show up in the compilation that Mom put together.

After the service, back at my folks’ house, we sat on the front porch having lunch. Chip looked over at me and asked, “Do you watch Caprica?”

It pleases me to no end that I’ve got a cousin with whom I can safely geek out. He plays Dragon Age and Mass Effect. He knows what I’m talking about when we talk about computer games and science fiction.

“Sure,” I said. “I didn’t think I’d like it, but I love it. Really good show.”

“Did you see the episode a couple of weeks ago?”


“You know who you look like?”

Well, I thought, people always used to say I looked like James Spader, but he hasn’t showed up on Caprica. So it’s not him, right? Couldn’t possibly be him. I didn’t bother guessing that I looked like James Spader. It must be some other star of stage and screen lighting up the big HD screens. But who could it be? Certainly not any of the young guys on the show. I’m just too old to bank on the old “strong teen look” of my youth.

Eric Stoltz? No, I’m too tan and squat. The man looks like a ghostly beanpole with a mop of red hair on top. Maybe if I moved to the Arctic Circle, dyed my hair, never saw the light of day – then I could look like Eric Stoltz. It wouldn’t be so bad, as long as I didn’t look like Eric Stoltz in Mask.

Okay, so not Eric Stoltz. Must be someone else in the cast. Caprica hasn’t had that many episodes. I tried thinking through them, trying to wrap my brain around the possibilities. He couldn’t possibly mean any of Sister Clarice’s husbands/boyfriends. Could he? No, surely not. Probably not any of the Tauron thugs – they’re all musclebound hulks. I’m not a musclebound hulk. My dog’s more of a musclebound hulk than me, and he’s a big furry marshmallow.

The choices were dwindling. I’m not Oriental-looking, so it couldn’t be Daniel Graystone’s adviser. I don’t look like a shrewish blond woman, so that leaves out Graystone’s wife.

Esai Morales? No, I’m not nearly swarthy and rugged enough to be Esai Morales. I’ve got shoes that are swarthier and more rugged than I am.

“It was the guy Adama’s daughter went to see,” Chip said.

BOOM! Ego shot! Because the guy Adama’s daughter visited in the episode “There Is Another Sky” was a bloated Sydney Greenstreet-inspired villain named Chyron. First, I went and consoled myself with a piece of cake. Then I resolved to excavate something of the old me from inside the Jabba-ish exterior once I returned to North Carolina. I refuse to show up at the next big family gathering reminding people of a fat mobster!