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The Road to World Conquest: Stayin’ Alive

June 13, 2011 Leave a comment

Catherine really doesn’t want me to die.

Now that she’s in Huntsville for a hiatus during the next couple of months, she has seized control of the kitchen.

The refrigerator and pantry are fully stocked with ingredients that she’s using to make three healthy meals a day, keeping me well clear of fast food and soda as much as possible.

She worries that I’ll drop dead if I don’t stay on top of my diet. It’s sweet of her, and I don’t mind going along with it because the woman can cook and I can cope with being spoiled.

So let’s not tell her that dying young doesn’t really run in my family. Don’t mention that Mama Bess made it to her 90s after a lifetime of deep-fried Southern cooking, sugary cakes, and sweet tea by the jug.

Let’s keep quiet about my hard-drinking, cigarette-smoking Grandpa Jack who made a long run of it too.

Best we hold these secrets close to the vest.

Don’t want to ruin a good thing!


Adventures with the Wretched Daystar

May 20, 2010 1 comment

The recent shake-up at work, which saw a big chunk of the Icarus Studios team laid off, convinced me that I really could no longer afford to live the way I had the past few years – drinking sugary sodas every day, consuming a diet of pizza and chicken wings (and pretty much any other tasty thing that I could find), and little or no exercise.

Now that I’m part of a smaller, sleeker team working on Fallen Earth, I can’t allow conditions that make it more likely that I’ll get sick or even function at less than 100 percent.

Steps that I’ve taken include:

* Downloaded an app for the iPhone called LoseIt! This allowed me to set a trackable goal of 185 pounds, with recommendations for daily caloric intake and tracking of exercise accomplishments. Even better, I’m able to be friends with others who are using the app, so we can encourage each other as we work toward our individual goals. Right now, I weigh in at 224 pounds and I’m on track to reach my goal in October 2010.
* Downloaded an app for the iPhone called c25k. This program automates a “coach” who puts me through a series of walk/run exercises. Early on, these are 30-minute blocks but they increase in intensity over time. Eventually, the goal would be to reach a condition where I could successfully run a 5k race.
* Started paying better attention to what I eat and drink, and in what quantities. I only drink diet sodas and water (and, when I’m at home, it’s almost exclusively water). Foods like pizza and chicken wings, which I’ve adored in the past, are just too high in cholesterol. Got to give them up. Focusing more on protein, fruit, and vegetables.
* Set a pretty firm sleep schedule. This has been a huge thing. Rest is critical, especially if I’m exerting myself a lot with hikes around the area each day. Work is tiring, and exercise adds to that exhaustion. So, I’m usually in bed no later than 10 or 11. I awake at 6:30 or 7 at the latest.

This has an unhappy side effect: I end up with very little time during the evenings to tinker on OtherSpace. I’m going to try to be better about working on the game on the weekends, but even that becomes dodgy because I spend much of my work day now looking at the computer screen that I become less interested in doing so during my free time.

That said, I need to suck it up. I’ve got some important work to do on OtherSpace, including:

* Picking up the thread of the Zar’s rift plot and taking that to its conclusion.
* Working on the new PDF newsletter.
* Adding some new veteran awards for the 12th anniversary in June.
* Continuing work on OS: Dominion.
* Pushing for functionality to allow for serendipity in crafting – chances for random cool stuff to be generated when making something else.

Meanwhile, I’m juggling more stuff for Fallen Earth and hoping to have some semblance of a personal life again in the near future now that I’m out of the over-priced house and into a much more affordable apartment.

We’ll see how it goes!

The New Anti-Jabba Plan

March 26, 2010 5 comments

Mostly, this plan involves eating:

* Fish
* Vegetables
* Fruit
* Not much red meat or pork
* Little or no dairy
* No junk food

And it involves drinking:

* Water
* Diet soft drinks

And it involves getting off my ass and:

* Walking
* Running
* Otherwise exercising

I’ve been on a decent walking regimen for about a month now, but that’s going to be amped up. Eventually, I’ll probably sign up for a fitness club membership somewhere. In particular, I’ll be watching for clubs that offer achievements because, as people should know about me by now, I’m an achievement whore and I love turning things I should hate into things that are fun.

Stay tuned. We’ll see how it goes.

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“You know who you look like?”

March 25, 2010 2 comments

One bright side of a funeral for someone as well-loved as Mama Bess is that it brought together a lot of relatives who hadn’t seen each other for years. I hadn’t seen my cousins Chip and Joel for decades. We’re featured together in a photo from 1969, when Chip and I were toddlers and Joel was still an infant. The toddlers are standing on either side of Mama Bess as she’s cradling Joel in her arm. For the memorial service on Saturday, we sat together once again, watching the photo show up in the compilation that Mom put together.

After the service, back at my folks’ house, we sat on the front porch having lunch. Chip looked over at me and asked, “Do you watch Caprica?”

It pleases me to no end that I’ve got a cousin with whom I can safely geek out. He plays Dragon Age and Mass Effect. He knows what I’m talking about when we talk about computer games and science fiction.

“Sure,” I said. “I didn’t think I’d like it, but I love it. Really good show.”

“Did you see the episode a couple of weeks ago?”


“You know who you look like?”

Well, I thought, people always used to say I looked like James Spader, but he hasn’t showed up on Caprica. So it’s not him, right? Couldn’t possibly be him. I didn’t bother guessing that I looked like James Spader. It must be some other star of stage and screen lighting up the big HD screens. But who could it be? Certainly not any of the young guys on the show. I’m just too old to bank on the old “strong teen look” of my youth.

Eric Stoltz? No, I’m too tan and squat. The man looks like a ghostly beanpole with a mop of red hair on top. Maybe if I moved to the Arctic Circle, dyed my hair, never saw the light of day – then I could look like Eric Stoltz. It wouldn’t be so bad, as long as I didn’t look like Eric Stoltz in Mask.

Okay, so not Eric Stoltz. Must be someone else in the cast. Caprica hasn’t had that many episodes. I tried thinking through them, trying to wrap my brain around the possibilities. He couldn’t possibly mean any of Sister Clarice’s husbands/boyfriends. Could he? No, surely not. Probably not any of the Tauron thugs – they’re all musclebound hulks. I’m not a musclebound hulk. My dog’s more of a musclebound hulk than me, and he’s a big furry marshmallow.

The choices were dwindling. I’m not Oriental-looking, so it couldn’t be Daniel Graystone’s adviser. I don’t look like a shrewish blond woman, so that leaves out Graystone’s wife.

Esai Morales? No, I’m not nearly swarthy and rugged enough to be Esai Morales. I’ve got shoes that are swarthier and more rugged than I am.

“It was the guy Adama’s daughter went to see,” Chip said.

BOOM! Ego shot! Because the guy Adama’s daughter visited in the episode “There Is Another Sky” was a bloated Sydney Greenstreet-inspired villain named Chyron. First, I went and consoled myself with a piece of cake. Then I resolved to excavate something of the old me from inside the Jabba-ish exterior once I returned to North Carolina. I refuse to show up at the next big family gathering reminding people of a fat mobster!