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The Road to World Conquest: Brody’s World!

I’m trying to bring all my worlds together in an easy-to-manage package.

Facebook friends, Twitter followers, former colleagues from the St. Petersburg Times, new neighbors in the Triangle, pals from World of Warcraft and Fallen Earth, classmates from high school and college – I want everyone to feel welcome in the virtual universe that I’ve created at Jointhesaga.com.

So, to that end, I’ve built a new chunk of grid that I call “Brody’s World,” where new characters created on the MUSH will start from now on. First, you’re dropped in my neighborhood, Watts Hospital. If you want to go to OtherSpace, you walk into my house, up the stairs, into my office, and through the door marked ENTER OTHERSPACE. But if space opera’s not your thing, if you just want to wander around my brain or sit and chat, I’ve got places for that on the grid.

I don’t spend a lot of time on instant messengers like Skype. You will rarely find me using Facebook’s chat feature. But I’m often active on OtherSpace. So, if you want to contact me in real-time, the best thing to do is visit jointhesaga.com 1790 and give me a shout! I’m usually lurking in Brody’s Office.

For useful client software that’ll help you connect, visit this link.

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