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“I’d buy that for a dollar!”

Things that cost more than a $1 contribution to my OtherSpace project on Kickstarter:

* Farmville cash
* Fountain soft drink
* Starbuck’s coffee
* Stripper tips
* Ernest Saves Christmas on pay-per-view
* Movie snacks

Now, granted, the tips are probably helping that stripper through college or maybe feeding her kids. But movie snacks are a ripoff, Ernest films were awful, coffee and Coke rot your teeth and make your hands jittery, and spending gobs of real money to run your fake farm is kind of sad. You should be spending those gobs of money to support a place where you can build your own little star empire for free.

Give just $1 toward this Kickstarter project and you’ll help support ongoing adventures that encourage online socialization with people from all over the world, nurtures creative and imaginative writing skills, and allows for experimentation in cause and effect/actions and consequences.

Support a safe online space for people who wonder “What happens if I push THIS button?”

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