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The Road to World Conquest: Stayin’ Alive

Catherine really doesn’t want me to die.

Now that she’s in Huntsville for a hiatus during the next couple of months, she has seized control of the kitchen.

The refrigerator and pantry are fully stocked with ingredients that she’s using to make three healthy meals a day, keeping me well clear of fast food and soda as much as possible.

She worries that I’ll drop dead if I don’t stay on top of my diet. It’s sweet of her, and I don’t mind going along with it because the woman can cook and I can cope with being spoiled.

So let’s not tell her that dying young doesn’t really run in my family. Don’t mention that Mama Bess made it to her 90s after a lifetime of deep-fried Southern cooking, sugary cakes, and sweet tea by the jug.

Let’s keep quiet about my hard-drinking, cigarette-smoking Grandpa Jack who made a long run of it too.

Best we hold these secrets close to the vest.

Don’t want to ruin a good thing!

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