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Star Wars on Blu-Ray? No, thanks.

Just in time for my 45th birthday, George Lucas is issuing the Star Wars movie series in Blu-Ray format.

I feel like swatting him on the snout with a newspaper and saying, “No, George. NO.”

I’ve fallen for this crap too many times before. I’ve worn out the original trilogy in both VHS and Betamax. I’ve owned multiple versions of the DVDs – from the prequels to the modified original trilogy (Greedo stupidly shooting first) to the classic versions of the old movies.

I can’t bring myself to reward Lucas with yet another sack full of cash for the same crap with a different coat of paint. I’m done letting my nostalgia for the older movies overwhelm my good sense. So, no, George. NO. I won’t buy this new Blu-Ray edition. Nor will I go to the theaters to watch the movies in 3D, 4D, Smell-o-Vision, or Jedi-Rama.

Doubt he’ll miss my money much, though. Plenty of suckers will take the deal.

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  1. Newt
    May 4, 2011 at 6:00 pm

    This is how the rebellion began. 😉

    I’d be tempted to get. The first 3 movies aren’t bad and I only have copies on VHS (they are what started me wanting my movies in widescreen, which began my DVD collection) BUT they have to be the originals, awesomely presented and at a rocking price. I have no liking of the remakes. They’re as lame as editing out shotguns in ET.

    Newt, The.

    • May 4, 2011 at 6:07 pm

      As I understand it, these are not the originals on Blu-Ray – these are the special editions.

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