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The Road to World Conquest: Write, monkey!

I admire a lot of things about Catherine, not the least of which is her desire to perpetuate the ancient art of writing letters by hand.

It calls back to a more complicated time, when communication wasn’t as easy as point-type-click. It encourages more thought and deliberation as the words are going from pen to paper.

She’s great at it. So far, I’ve received two letters from her. She has received one from me, and that was only after a week or so of (sometimes) subtle nudging.

Why do I suck so badly at it? “You’re a writer,” she reminded me. “It ought to be easy!”

For a moment, I wanted to bring up that Seinfeld episode where Jerry’s dating a masseuse, but she won’t give him a massage because it’s her job. However, that wouldn’t quite be true.

The truth lies somewhere else: Lack of time, or at least the perception of it. An overblown sense that whatever I write on paper requires intense concentration results in too much pressure.

However, if I look past that foolishness, I realize that in the time it takes to craft this blog entry, I could put down a few random thoughts to let Catherine know I’m thinking of her. I could put those thoughts in a letter, slap a stamp on the envelope, and send it off in the mail.

It’s really pretty simple.

So, I’ll try to be better about that. She deserves it.

  1. Tammie
    February 24, 2011 at 11:53 pm

    Okay, so write me! 🙂

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