Case closed?

The Huntsville Police have changed their minds.

They say the 49-year-old woman found dead outside an apartment not far from mine took her own life.

Forensic results apparently led to the determination that Joan Markley committed suicide. I don’t know what the evidence was, but I suspect it must have been gunpowder residue on her hands.

I’d heard that a small pink gun had been found near her body, but her relatives insisted that she didn’t have a gun.

Regardless, I’m still perplexed and saddened. Some observers remain skeptical about the incident, suggesting that the cops might be letting a killer go free because they don’t want to continue the investigation. Others just think it’s a pity that a woman might have suffered so much distress that she found it necessary to shoot herself on the step outside her apartment.

I want to be relieved, to a certain extent, because a suicide is an isolated incident. But I’m still puzzled, if she killed herself, why she did it so publicly.

We’ll probably never get that answer.

Again, my condolences to her family and friends.

  1. Anonymous
    February 20, 2011 at 4:16 am

    just to let you know that the state of alabama does not conduct a gun powder residue test. this case is to say the very least very weak in their conclusions.

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