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The Road to World Conquest: Out to dry

Perhaps the most important thing I’ve determined during the first week of this new adventure in Huntsville is that I really don’t want to haul my laundry out in the cold to get it cleaned.

It’s nice that the apartment complex offers a laundry facility in the clubhouse adjacent to the gym, but the machines hold about half a real load, they dry at about half the speed, and they cost way too much to operate.

Long-term, it’s just going to be cheaper and far more convenient to rent a washer and dryer for about $30 a month. I’ll be able to do my laundry at home, whenever I want, and without trudging through the winter weather to do it.

I’ve already ordered the machines. Unfortunately, they won’t deliver until next Tuesday. I think I’ve got enough clothes to last. If not, who’s going to notice the fourth time I wear my Cantina Band T-shirt?

The second most important thing I’ve learned: No buying Roma tomatoes from the Kroger off Memorial Parkway and Drake. Yeesh, those nearly killed me.

Most of the boxes are unpacked. All I’ve really got left are a few boxes of books, which are waiting on a bookcase to put them in. I went on a grand excursion Sunday to track down a decent bookshelf at the two Ross stores in town, but neither had the one Mom had spied in a store down in Florida. I considered getting an el cheapo bookcase from Target, but opted against it on the basis that I’m a poor furniture craftsman to begin with and when it comes to building crappy furniture in a competent fashion, I’m simply a lost cause. I could just put some shelves up above the computer table, but, again, my lack of faith in my own construction abilities leaves me worried that Mark Twain’s autobiography will make a suicide leap onto my HD monitor.

I’ve got a wire-frame shelf unit in the back porch closet that could serve as a bookcase in the short term. All I need is a little rug to sit that shelf unit on. Whatever it takes. I just want to get the last of the boxes unpacked and hauled to the dumpster this week.

I’d also like to get the rest of the pictures hung on the walls. That way, I’ll have more places to hang underwear and socks.


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