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The Road to World Conquest: Allowing a Little Anger

For the most part, I’ve successfully followed my own advice about quietly resolving the hard feelings that emerged in the aftermath of my layoff from Icarus Studios.

It’s something that became much easier to manage, of course, when another job came along in short order. How hard is it, really, to shrug off a setback like that when it’s quickly followed by a safe landing?

However, taking the job in Huntsville isn’t without a price. It’s that price that frustrates and angers me.

Catherine and I have been together for just three months. She’s part of a successful law practice in Durham and she has strong roots in the community. Her crowded open house party on Sunday demonstrated without a doubt that she has become a vibrant fixture in the area. Before the layoff, I’d been planning to relocate to Durham too.

Now? We’ve gotten attached. We care about each other a great deal. And, as she jokingly asserts, I’m about to abandon her to take a job that’s hundreds of miles away in Alabama.

She understands that I tried to find work here in North Carolina. The market just doesn’t seem to be there for me. If I were more of a programmer? Maybe. If I wanted to change careers? Possibly, but that’d take time and money that just aren’t a luxury for me. Or, God forbid, if I decided to settle for a job in retail? Almost guaranteed to land a job, but I’d be miserable and that wouldn’t do us any favors as a couple.

Huntsville’s a closer – and better – alternative than most of the others that I’d been finding. It beats moving to Boston, Seattle, or the UK.

That makes it less frustrating, but it doesn’t make everything fine. We’ve got challenges ahead of us. She’s going to buy airline tickets so that she can fly down to Huntsville to visit. When possible, I’ll spend a week here and there working from her apartment in Durham. We’ll see how things go with us, with my job, and where it all might lead.

She’s open to the idea of joining me there in time, and I’m glad about that, but neither of us is blind to the fact that it would mean her giving up a lot for the chance to be with me while I’m working in an industry that’s already proven to be volatile and unpredictable.

So, about this added stress and expense for both of us, about this new source of worry, yeah, I’m going to be mad about that.

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  1. Tammie
    December 24, 2010 at 1:32 am

    i am missing you already…………….

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