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The Road to World Conquest: Conquering with Kindness

Normally, Sundays are my laziest days. I like to relax, goof around on the computer, watch football, eat snacks, and generally do nothing that might constitute any activity with redeeming value.

But here I am in a period of change. Why not shake things up some more?

Last week, Catherine invited me to ride along with the Constantinou Law Group team in the Parkwood neighborhood parade in Durham. So, I met her and her brother John around noon at St. Barbara’s Greek Orthodox Church on Sunday. We rode together to the parade setup site near a convenience store, where I was immediately put to work attaching bungee cords to signs on the sides of a white Ford F-150 that would carry us along the route.

It was sunny, partly cloudy, but cold and windy. I probably should have worn my hiking boots instead of my nice new brown slip-on shoes with the thin socks. And gloves would’ve been nice. Maybe a scarf. But I survived!

We sat on hay bales in the back of the pickup truck, hurling lollipops plucked from stockings while we shouted “Merry Christmas” to the crowd as we passed. Next year, we probably need to keep a running tally of Catherine’s victims – she had remarkably good aim, and I’ll never forget the stunned look on that toddler’s face when the lollipop pinged him right between the eyes!

One amusing note about the crowd: Many of the kids standing along the route clearly understood that this was just Halloween, Part Two – they were clutching orange jack-o-lantern candy buckets.

After the parade, I followed Catherine to Wal-Mart so that I could help her pick out gifts for a needy family on behalf of the law firm. Philanthropy is an important aspect of her life and it’s something I’ve admired since we first met. We spent about an hour gathering items from the family’s wish list, everything from clothes to toiletries to scented candles.

It was nice spending a normally lazy Sunday thinking of others for a change. If I’m not careful, it might become a habit!

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