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The Road to World Conquest: Huntsville Journey, Day 3

Day 3

Woke up early Wednesday to begin the long trek from Huntsville back to Cary.

I had three routes to choose from. I could head back east toward Gadsden and Atlanta, then up to I-40 by way of Charlotte and I-85. Or I could go up to Chattanooga, head east across the Smoky Mountains toward Ashville, following I-40 all the way home. Or, if I wanted to avoid the mountains, I could just go to Chattanooga, pass Knoxville, and then turn north to Virginia before angling southeast into North Carolina.

Initially, I planned on the third option. However, once the dog and I arrived in Knoxville with I-40 laid out straight before us, I found it much more difficult to justify taking the long way around. We had nice weather. As long as it held, a drive through the mountains would be gorgeous, not scary.

So, I changed the plan and drove the Juicebox through the mountain route. We passed no hobbits or wizards along the way. No zombies, either.

Best moment of the whole week came when we were at a rest stop east of the mountains in North Carolina. I parked the car and informed Huck that I’d be back for him shortly – I wanted to do what I had to do first, then I could walk him.

One other car entered the parking lot: A minivan full of old guys looking to relieve themselves. I thought maybe I could outpace them to the restroom. Would’ve done it, too, until I heard a horn blaring. I stopped. The old guys stopped. I looked toward their minivan – no one behind the wheel, but there was a horn honking. We all looked toward the Juicebox. Huck sat in the driver’s seat, looking at me.

“I do believe,” one of the old men said as he scooted past with his crowd toward the restroom, “your dog is honking the horn.”

“Seriously?” I wondered. The horn beeped again. I took a step toward the Scion and said, “I’ll be right back, man! Be calm!” I turned to resume my path to the restroom, but the horn honked again. And again. Just as well, I realized, as the Cocoon gang would be taking up most of the restroom for a while.

I walked back to the car. Huck got his walk first. It took just long enough for the geriatric crowd to spill out of the restroom and return to their minivan.

“Now can I go?” I asked the dog.

The dog didn’t honk this time.

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