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The Road to World Conquest: Huntsville Journey, Day 2

Day 2

I can’t say that I’d ever have previously imagined myself living and working in Huntsville, Alabama. But it turns out that this quirky town is right up my alley.

Jamie Moffet took me on a tour on Tuesday. Despite the chill rain, it was a great introduction to this place I was considering for a new home.

Huntsville is a pocket of progressive culture smack in the middle of a conservative hotbed. It’s sort of like a yummy but sensible Boston cream filling in the middle of a crazy doughnut.

What’s not to like about a town with a movie theater where you can tell the ushers you want to sit in the 21-and-over section? Where signs at major intersections warn the gadget-obsessed populace not to text while driving? Where they keep a classic Saturn V rocket in a huge hangar? And where there’s a place that if you drive too far and fast and fail to stop, soldiers will perforate you?

It’s got a couple of mountains for hiking and biking. There’s a dog park! And I already know how to find the Best Buy.

The ideal neighborhoods for me, it appears, are Five Points and the Medical District.

Huntsville has a lot of elements that remind me of what I loved about the Pacific Northwest, without being 3,000 miles from my family. It has a lot that reminds me of Durham and Chapel Hill, with a job attached. And it’s got plenty to appeal to my inner geek, from the space and science center to the comic book stores.

I’d been hoping to get dinner with Jamie again that night, but the storms had kept me awake thanks to a restless and frightened Huck. I would have a long trip ahead on Wednesday. So I decided to call it an early evening and slept.

Lots to think about.

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