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The Road to World Conquest: Huntsville Journey, Day 1

Day 1

Woke up before dawn in the bungalow behind my folks’ house in Deltona. It was cold and rainy. Luckily, I had pre-packed most of my Thanksgiving weekend haul and pre-filled the gas tank for the first leg of the drive.

I finished stuffing my bag, grabbed a few last-minute items, made sure I had the printed directions for the trip to Huntsville, Alabama, said goodbye, loaded the dog into the back seat of the Juicebox, and then we were off.

I expected to spend about ten hours on the road. Suffice it to say, even with gaining an hour by driving west into the Central Time Zone, it was closer to fourteen thanks to the weather and the winding roads that Google sent me down, plus a couple of nasty accidents on I-565 and University Drive in Huntsville as I approached the hotel.

The route took me north to Jacksonville, then west onto I-10 to Lake City, where I turned north onto I-75 toward Atlanta. Once outside Atlanta, I changed course to the west, driving past the airport and heading through the little burgh of Cedartown, hometown of my late grandmother, Bess. Continuing west, I passed over the Alabama state line and drove through the town of Gadsden, where my mom lived for a while as a child.

I have to admit, I grew increasingly grumpy as the journey proceeded, especially as it got darker. I’d made a tactical error, using a hard copy printout of the directions instead of, say, my high-tech shiny iPhone. (I also learned that I would probably really benefit from acquiring a GPS toy, although I wanted to take some pride in navigating this complicated route without that kind of help!) I concluded after this that my maximum tolerance for an uneventful day of driving is about ten hours, tops. Fourteen hours, some of it quite frustrating, is just too much. I don’t know how truckers manage.

Huck, on the other hand, took it all very much in stride. He was fine, in fact, until we got to the Residence Inn and faced the prospect of riding an elevator up to the second floor. We discovered recently that Huck hates elevators. He hates them more than he fears thunderstorms and vacuum cleaners. He will only take the stairs. So, I got a little exercise following him down a hall, around a corner, past a sign that read MECHANICAL EMPLOYEES ONLY – robot maids? Hooray! – and up the stairs to room 216, which was…right next to the elevator.

I left him there while I joined Jamie Moffet for dinner at a great little Thai restaurant, followed by drinks at a great bar called The Nook. I tried a beer called Rogue Dead Guy. Loved it!

When I got back to the hotel room, meteorologists kept breaking into the TV programming to talk about a severe thunderstorm system rolling east across northern Alabama. It would hit in the middle of the night, bringing flash floods and potential tornadoes with it.

Huck didn’t sleep much that night. As a result, neither did I.

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