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Twitterfeed: #boringprequels

Here are my contributions to the recent #boringprequels topic on Twitter:

* My Breakfast, Lunch, and Afternoon Tea with Andre
* Indiana Jones and the Great Gallstone Caper
* The Muppets Take Sun City
* Shaun of the Comatose
* Mall Police Academy
* Harry Potter and the Diaper Surprise
* The Year of Living Frugally
* Quantum of So-So
* Bill and Ted’s Excellent Circle K Purchase
* Heckraiser
* No Discounts for Old Men
* The Last Temptation of Christ’s Accountant
* Paralegal Activity
* One Tip-Toed Around the Budgie’s Nest
* An American Werewolf on a Desert Island
* I Know What You Did Last Summer, but Let’s Watch All 100 Hours of Camp Footage Anyway

  1. Newt
    November 25, 2010 at 12:22 am

    The Pashes of the Christ

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