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The Road to World Conquest: Day 5…

Late getting this entry in today because…well, let’s just say I’ve been busy working on some design proposals for a prospective employer! Not much more to say about that except that 1) I really enjoyed the phone interview today and 2) I totally lost myself in the joy of plotting out encounters for this potential new project.

Meanwhile, I made some follow-up inquiries to other job targets that I’d contacted last week.

And then it was passport time! I drove back to my favorite post office in Cary, approached the closed door at the appointed time of 2:30 PM, and knocked lightly. No one answered. I studied the door carefully, pondering it. I considered speaking the elvish word for “friend” to see if that did any good. Then, to the left of the door, I noticed a slot in the wall labeled “MIS-BOXED MAIL.” And beside that slot, a nondescript black button with no label at all.

What the hell, I figured. I pushed the button. It rang! The door soon opened, revealing the woman who had told me the day before that I’d need to make an appointment to see the wiza…er, the passport clerk. I half expected her to say “Pay no attention to the civil servant behind the door.” Well, I couldn’t complain much. I’d finally made it this far. I had my application, a couple of photos, my birth certificate, and a check in the amount of $135 made out to the Department of State.

“Oh,” she said, because, I suppose, this couldn’t just be EASY, “this needs to be broken in two.” Part goes to the Department of State, while the rest goes toward processing. I didn’t have another check with me, so we put it on the debit card.

A few minutes later, I left with a receipt and assurances that the passport would reach my mailbox within six weeks.

Now that I’m getting mail again, I feel slightly more confident about that actually happening.

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