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The Road to World Conquest: Day 4…

Well, got a few things finished on my to-do list today.

* Scheduled a physical for December.
* Finished the application for my passport and tried to turn it in at the Cary post office. However, that requires an appointment. So, I’m scheduled now to deliver the application on Wednesday afternoon.
* Talked to the bank about some bookkeeping issues.
* Paid some bills.

It was rather gray and rainy out. Despite the gloomy weather, I was in pretty good spirits. Around lunchtime, while I was out stopping at the post office in the hopes of getting the passport taken care of, I went shopping for bookcases. I found some good candidates, but realized that it made little sense to purchase new furniture if I’m just going to turn around and (maybe) move to another state. Why add to the crap that must be moved? If anything, I need to shift into full jettison mode, getting rid of items that aren’t absolutely necessary for my continued existence.

Cooked up some homemade chili in the crock pot. It’s delicious, thank you very much, especially with some cheddar cheese thrown in.

I downloaded Game Maker Pro to tinker a bit with new game designs.

And I started a new project at Jointhesaga.com – something that, for now, I’m calling “viral fiction.” Basically, it’s a cross between traditional fiction, footnotes, and a Wiki. Using a core story, such as “Sometimes It Eats Its Own,” I’ll start branching off other stories inspired by the main piece of fiction. It’s not my first hypertext fiction endeavor, but I hope it’s the one I have the most fun with.

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