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The Road to World Conquest: Day 3…

One week since liberation, and everything’s chugging along. Somewhat frustrated at the unemployment pay situation: You claim first, wait a week, file for certification to prove you weren’t working but were looking for work, and then wait another week to get paid. However, I’m not hurting too badly. I can make it until next week, and then it should be pretty smooth sailing while the job search continues.

It helps, a lot, that I had streamlined my lifestyle in the past year or so. My car? Paid for. My apartment? It’s a glorified studio dwelling. Not working actually has the side benefit of making it very unlikely that I’ll spend a lot of money on lunches with work colleagues or, say, Friday happy hour. I’ve got a girlfriend, but she has a job, her own place, and her own sense of independence. She’s an asset – not a liability!

Spent the day dealing with some bookkeeping issues, including one matter that turns out to not be a concern of mine at all. Nothing feels quite so good as learning that some debt issue isn’t your problem for a change, despite someone else’s claim to the contrary.

Applied for a couple more jobs in the area. Still waiting on word back from others.

During my lunch break, I drove to Kohl’s to pick up some new clothes in preparation for any interviews that might be lined up soon. While there, I witnessed a massing flock of geese preparing for their assault on the greater Cary metropolitan region. Meteorologists say it’s going to rain tomorrow, but I have the feeling it’ll be bird poop, not water, streaking those ponchos.

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