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The Road to World Conquest: Day 2…

Had a great time last night with girlfriend at NAACP banquet and then dinner at Vin Rouge in Durham. First time I’ve been out in jacket, tie, and nice shoes in a long time!

Today’s been a bit more casual. I’ve been doing some promotional activities for OtherSpace, poking around at the SQL database and the OS: Dominion Wiki section, and getting some work done around the house.

Dumped tens of thousands of emails from my Outlook folders – including about 5,000 that had been Icarus/FE-related. I don’t think I need those anymore!

Gave the cat litter boxes a good cleaning. They look shiny and new!

Got more laundry done. Washed some dishes. Caught the Bucs-Panthers game, which the Bucs won. Go, Bucs!

Walked Huck!

Watched an episode of Babylon 5’s fifth season – “Day of the Dead,” which was written by Neil Gaiman and featured Penn & Teller, yet still kind of fell flat for me. Even the best writing can’t endure the acting of Tracey Scoggins.

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