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After the layoff: Day 4…

No lie: It’s been a challenging day.

It’s a federal holiday, so there’s no forward motion on the issue of my messed up mail delivery.

I’m at a point where I’ve submitted resumes to more than a dozen places around the country and now it’s time to settle in for a bit of wait-and-see while I continue to peruse other possibilities. The mood is uncertain. Some opportunities are very exciting. Some would be just okay. But I can’t allow myself to become too attached to any one of them, nor can I allow myself to not give a damn about any of them. Frustratingly objective, I guess.

On the other hand, I’m officially signed on to freelance for Brighthub.com, so now it’s just a matter of finding something that I want to write about that works for the site and jumping on that. Forward motion on that front makes me feel good.

Meanwhile, I’ve done nothing with National Novel Writing Month since the last installment went up on Monday. I thought for a while that it was just the shock. I figured in a couple of days I’d snap out of it and get right back to work on the Fallen Earth novel. But, unfortunately, that hasn’t proven to be the case. I hate to disappoint everyone who’s been following Amp Denton’s adventure, but I think it’s going to end with that ninth installment. I think it has to. I have to practice what I preached yesterday. I have to let it go.

Every word I typed during those nine installments was a labor of love for a project that I had committed my life to for the past four and a half years. I saw it as a fantastic opportunity to use a creative outlet to promote the game. When it was finished, it would’ve been another neat piece of public relations for the company. But on Monday, I discovered that the payoff for that devotion was a minute-long “no choice but to let you go” meeting.

So, it comes down to this: I’ve only got so much time and energy at my disposal. It’s sort of like having a budget. I have to commit my resources and attention to many different things now. Really, it’s just too expensive to keep Fallen Earth around in any capacity. So, sorry, Fallen Earth, but I’ve got no choice but to let you go. I’ll put those resources that I would have expended on you toward someone a little more needy right now: Me. Still, I wish you the best in your future endeavors.

I’ll give NaNoWriMo another shot next year, under better circumstances.

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