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An OtherSpace Update

There’s something liberating about the chance to make a relatively fresh start, even with something that’s been around as long as OtherSpace.

Earlier this summer, the frustrations just kept mounting. Players grew tired of old inventory replacement requests sitting dormant in our staff request queues, with half-finished systems, and with a space system that was too complicated for its own good. Staffers, me included, got frustrated with player apathy.

It came time for a break.

So, we closed the game to players and circled the wagons on the Director channel, intent on doing more than just slapping a new coat of paint on the game. We’ve got some fundamental things going on that will change the game to its core and take it back to its deeper roots.

Some examples of what’s in store:

* A new grid-based space system, with a simple-to-master interface. It’s intended to allow for exploration and cinematic roleplaying. We’re not keeping HSpace.
* A new skill system. We’re developing a new core mechanic that moves us away from FUDGE and drastically slims down the roster of skills. This new skill system will require the investment of points and real time (similar to how time passes before you learn a new skill in EVE Online).
* Simplified OOC currency. We’re eliminating the separate concepts of Roleplaying Points, Crafting Minutes, and Saga Points. They’ll all be merged into Saga Points.
* Expanded world grids. We’re building up the universe to make it more interesting to explore. You can expect more than just space travel. You’ll also be able to explore on sea and land, once we’re done.
* More customizable crafting. We want players to have more of an imprint on the things they make and sell.
* Old races reopened. We’re going to make the classic OtherSpace races available for newbies and veterans alike to play.
* New factions. We’ll have three factions for players to choose from, including the Multiverse Commonwealth, the Zarist Supremacy, and Akazar’s Syndicate. Joining a faction and investing Saga Points in them will yield rewards for players.
* No +voting. The era of the Roleplaying Notables is over.
* Log anthologies. Here’s how we’re going to recognize and reward players for their creative contributions to OtherSpace. We’ll assemble a showcase of logs. Participants who want to be included in the credits will be, but everyone involved will receive Saga Point rewards. We’ll offer the anthologies in ebook and print formats through Lulu.com. Proceeds go toward our server and marketing costs.

We’re just getting started, and these are only a few of the ideas we’ve been bouncing around. I hope to have more precise information about when we might reopen as soon as possible.

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