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The Island: Day 1 – “That new MUSH smell!”

This morning, Marson informed me that the new MUSH was up, per my request. So, I logged on and set about digging the fundamental grid to get a sense of the layout of The Island. I don’t plan to build much more than a basic town and island grid. Development of the game world, by design, will be in the hands of players who get to bring their own flair to the strange environment.

I created the character object for the Sheriff. Began pondering his back story. So far, I’ve decided that he’s very old and quite determined to keep his location as secret as possible.

Installed an in-game bulletin board for development chatter. Also added a functioning clock in the town square, so that you can look at it and see the current time of day. Added a +who list. Imported the room parent from Chiaroscuro. It’ll need some tweaking.

Now in the process of installing a Wiki.

More to come as development continues.

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