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Between the Lines: “Newbie Nights”

Well. Add this to the list of well-intentioned ideas that just didn’t work.

First failure: Holding it on a set day of the week, specifically a Friday. Although this was convenient for me, we rarely saw newbies showing up. So, turnout dwindled. Lack of player interest led to lack of staffer interest. Away it goes.

Second failure: Relies on staff management and promotion for success.

Here’s the thing. Newbie nights run by staffers, or open houses run by staffers, don’t bring in new players or guarantee their retention in a text-based MUSH. In the end, it’s all up to you – every newbie-hating veteran, every enthusiastic event-runner, every reclusive misanthrope. You hold the future of the game’s population in your hands. Always have.

Every night ought to be Newbie Night. It’s up to you as players to recruit, to find the new places to share the word about OtherSpace, and to encourage those new folks to stick around.

It’s up to us as staffers to help make sure you’ve got the tools and the environment that they can enjoy. That much IS on us. But the rest – no pressure – falls to you.

If I can help with ideas, let me know. We can hash them out here.

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