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A new age for OtherSpace!

The revelation from this weekend’s event – that we now have functional interdimensional travel technology – means big changes are afoot for OtherSpace.

Specifically, it means that anyone who is willing to jump through some hoops by playing the Dominion game can create their own versions of classic OtherSpace worlds, invent new worlds, and app for characters from old or newly created races.

In short: Using stabilized rifting technology, we can jump to myriad versions of all our universes, to different times and spaces, and how that takes shape is entirely in your hands.

It’s an important period in the history of OtherSpace, when players are getting the tools to make the multiverse in their own image. Create your own worlds, your own stories, and your own evolving epic sagas!

Stay tuned for details on how the new interdimensional drive systems can be set up. Basically, all we’re waiting for are some new Dominion craftables, which I hope to get into the game this week.

I’m looking forward to the new age of OtherSpace! I want to see the stories you’re going to tell.

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