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Twittertopic: #songswithasickness

Here are my contributions to the recent #songswithasickness topic on Twitter:

* Bulimian Rhapsody
* Where the Streets Have Ptomaine
* Down on Mange Street
* Don’t Cry for Me, Appendicitis
* They Call the Wind Malaria
* You Belong With Measles
* Lupus Will Keep Us Together
* Pneumonia on Monday
* Sweet Child of Migraine
* Little Deuce Croupe
* Live and Let Diabetes
* Gout You Under My Skin
* With or Without Flu
* Abacrabs
* Innagoiterdavita
* Iron Deficiency Man
* We Built This City on Pox and Boils
* Yellow Fever Submarine
* Rubella Tuesday

  1. Bahamut
    June 15, 2010 at 6:02 pm

    Unrelated, but it’s something you might want to see (and I don’t want to e-mail):


    Hint: You saw this twist coming ten years ago.

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