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New nemesis!

Back when we lived in a duplex in Winter Park, Huck’s foes were the ducks living on the shore of the lake behind our place.

After we moved to Underwood Mountain in the Columbia River Gorge, the deer who roamed the woods became his arch rivals.

We came back east in early 2006, living in the Oaks at Weston apartment complex. There, Huck’s single greatest enemy was a black and white cat who never failed to show up during our walks – lurking in nearby bushes, scurrying between cars, and generally demonstrating a bad attitude.

Now, we’re down the road a bit in a complex called Century Preston and, yet again, Huck has found a nemesis to trouble our walks.

It’s this guy:

We were walking along the sidewalk, this bunny was perched near the bushes and bounded into them to escape Huck.

We were strolling along a hill near the complex’s playground, this bunny was hopping along in the grass.

When we come back home, the rabbit’s often right in front of our building, hanging out next to the shrubs and giving Huck the stink eye.

Huck assures me: The coney’s days are numbered!

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