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Twitter Topic: #underwhelmingrock

Here are my contributions to the #underwhelmingrock ideas that were bouncing around on Twitter:

* I Don’t Like Mondays (Or Tuesdays. Come to think of it, they all bum me out!)
* The Boys of Summer Glau
* Welcome to the Jungle Gym
* Where the Streets Have One Name
* You’ve Got Another Thing Coming (Via Media Mail – Too Cheap for FedEx. Sorry.)
* Rock You Like a Waterspout
* Once Bitten, Twice Shy, Thrice Injected for Rabies (Have You Seen Those Effin’ Needles?!)
* I Can’t Drive 35
* Don’t You Forget About Me (Unless You’re Dead, In Which Case I Don’t Need the Haunting)
* Seven Nation Salvation Army
* Sister Christian Slater
* Love on an Escalator
* You Can’t Always Get What You Want (Unless You’re Willing to Pay Top Dollar. I’m Just Saying.)
* Scenes from an Italian Restaurant Dumpster
* Hungry Like the Wolf Blitzer
* I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking for Behind the Couch

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