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Wessed Up History – 4/5/2010

* March 29, 1886: Trying to make the world’s first backyard meth lab, John Pemberton invents Coca-Cola.
* March 30, 1858: Hyman Lipman patents the pencil with attached eraser. This reduces ambush-swirlies exactly zero percent.
* March 31, 1951: The first UNIVAC I computer is delivered to the U.S. Census Bureau. The next day, productivity plummets due to Pinkoville app.
* April 1, 1976: Wozniak and Jobs form Apple Computer, only to be trampled by the mighty Texas Instruments iCalculator phenomenon.
* April 2, 1513: Ponce de Leon becomes first European to set foot in Florida and ask natives, “Which way to the whale stadium?”
* April 3, 1860: After unsuccessful attempt with poodles, express delivery outfit gives ponies a try.
* April 4, 1873: The Kennel Club, oldest official purebreed dog registry, is founded. Pet sweater industry boom means lots more urchins in sweatshops!

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