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Wessed Up History – 3/22/2010

* March 15, 44 BC: Julius Caesar, on his way to pitch an imperial healthcare plan in the forum, runs into some pals who offer pro bono surgeries.
* March 16, 1906: Infant Henny Youngman implores of the attending physician – “Take my umbilical, please!”
* March 17, 1845: The rubber band is patented, stopping the Spinners from making a song about a short fat guy spreading clover jam between his toes.
* March 18, 1909: Winemaker Ernest Gallo, after aging in a flesh cask for nine months, is dispensed into a fat-bellied glass and served up to mother with a wedge of cheese.
* March 19, 1979: Congress makes its first broadcast on C-SPAN, with Reps. Wayne and Garth declaring “SCHWING! This party is now in session.”
* March 20, 1904: B.F. Skinner scurries through a maze after a piece of cheese. Eventually pops out into waiting hands of maternity doctor.
* March 21, 1980: America’s left wondering “Who Shot J.R.?” on TV drama Dallas. Spoiler: It was Betty White.

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