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Wessed Up History: 3/15/2010

* March 8, 1978: First Hitchhiker’s Guide radio episode airs. Millions panic, buying towels and chanting Vogon poetry.
* March 9, 1862: USS Monitor and CSS Virginia fight to draw in first battle between aquatic Transformers.
* March 10, 1606: Susenyos beats two armies at Battle of Gol to become Emperor of Ethiopia. Greater fame awaits with immortalization by Phil Collins.
* March 11, 1932: Violinist and World of Warcraft raid demoralizer Leroy Jenkins is born, aggroing the entire maternity ward.
* March 12, 1664: Lacking a decent toxic waste dumping ground in London, the British welcome New Jersey as a colony.
* March 13, 1930: Pluto’s discovery is telegraphed to Harvard College Observatory, but it takes another two decades to identify Goofy.
* March 14, 1879: Albert Einstein travels back from the 27th Century to stop 29th Century Albert Einstein from killing baby Albert Einstein.

  1. March 19, 2010 at 9:09 am

    Lol good stuff

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