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Thinking About: Empire +crafting

The next phase of crafting – besides expanding on the fundamental types of weapons (I’ve got to add projectile, edged, bombs, etc.) and continuing the replacement of items from the other games where practical – will take things in a new direction as we start rolling out the Saga Rewards system.

I’ve always been a proponent of the idea that OtherSpace needs around-the-clock activities for players. In the past, that amounted to the concept of a trade system, which saw players flying from Point A to Point B to pick up cargo to sell for a profit. This was always pretty easy to exploit to raise individual wealth to ridiculous levels.

Now, though, I’m leaning more toward a system that doesn’t require knowledge or use of HSpace but does require Roleplaying Point and Saga Point investment from players and expands on an existing coded system so that players don’t have to learn a whole new interface to participate: Crafting.

An offshoot of the new crafting system philosophy – where modified versions of basic weapons and armor are created using Action Cards as components – I’m planning a system that will use Event Cards as components, with starship and planet objects (acquired with Saga Points) serving as equipment for the crafting of goods that can be sold to NPC vendors.

With this system, players will have the opportunity to build their own worlds, using +craft/desc and the Wiki to flesh out their vision. They’ll also be able to amass fleets of freighters without having to clutter the grid with extra rooms or satisfying pre-requisite crew numbers to get an actual HSpace vessel. However, if someone gets at least one starship object with Saga Reward points or as a Veteran Reward, they’ll be eligible to have a starship on the grid if they want it.

The goals with this system will be as follows:

1) Provide an around-the-clock activity that’s profitable but requires an investment of RPP and Saga Points
2) Create another mode for players to build their own worlds and generate their own lore on OtherSpace
3) Expand the utility of the crafting system

  1. Chiro
    March 12, 2010 at 1:38 am

    Sounds good, and from that icon you showed us the other day it looks good as well. This also gives players an insentive to create characters that are more than bloodthirsty critters, buisness leaders for example, who, after a bit of RPP collecting work can actually get something solid and worthwhile for the player.

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