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Introducing OtherSpace Crafting System 5.00

The new and improved crafting system on OtherSpace is now active, with craftable gear in the categories of Clothing, Energy Weapons, Electronics, Synthsteel Armor, Energy Armor, Refraction Armor, Nanokev Armor, and Smartsuit Armor.

What’s new?

* Armor crafting includes the ability to make full suits. Those suits can be modified to be tougher, sleeker, or armed with shoulder-mounted lasers, wrist lasers, or jetpacks.
* There’s no single Armorcrafting skill. Tailoring handles most types of armor, while others are covered by Metalworking or Electronics.
* Higher-tier items require the investment of an action card acquired with RPP as a component.
* Different types of armor have distinct strengths and weaknesses. Some are useful against projectile and edged weapons, but not much better than cloth against an energy weapon.

What’s improved?

* We’ve done away with craftlevels. Instead, you must have a minimum amount of skill on your +sheet to craft certain items. Most base-level armor, for example, requires Tailoring of at least Good.
* We’ve eliminated a lot of intermediary gear and components that weren’t being used. Instead, the focus is on providing items that are worth having. Base-level armor might not be as appealing as higher-tier items, but that base-level armor is required as components to make those higher-tier items.

What’s next?

* We’re going to start taking the crafting system in some interesting directions, adding categories for lawyers, for example, to +craft a legal victory, which they can then turn around and sell as a means of gaining income. Our goal will be to set up methods for characters from many different walks of life to use the +crafting system to make money (and eventually wean everyone off of the Comorro welfare system).
* Besides expanding the existing catalog of craftable items, we’ll be adding a new library of armor, weapons, and gadgets that can be acquired with Saga Points. These points can be earned passively over time once that new system is installed, or can be more quickly acquired by contributing to the MUSH via PayPal at jointhesaga@gmail.com ($1 per 100 Saga Points).

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