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Wessed-Up History – 3/1/2010

* Feb. 21, 1948: Sounding the death knell for political clout of Model-T Dads, NASCAR is formed.
* Feb. 22, 1983: Broadway play “Moose Murders” opens to critical acclaim and breaks box office records as it runs for a hundred years.
* Feb. 23, 1903: Cuba leases Guantanamo to the US “in perpetuity.” Which, aptly enough, is how long prisoners are destined to stay there.
* Feb. 24, 1582: Pope Gregory XIII raises eyebrows with new calendar, featuring illuminations showing scandalous amounts of pontiff ankle.
* Feb. 25, 1965: First came a trunk full of props. Then came a tuft of red hair. Naked came the Antichrist. Happy birthday, Carrot Top.
* Feb. 26, 1815: Napoleon Bonaparte escapes from Elba with help from Ernest Borgnine and Adrienne Barbeau. Defeats the Duke of Nouveau York!
* Feb. 27, 1902: John Steinbeck rides a dust storm into the maternity ward. Depresses most of the nurses with hard luck wailing.
* Feb. 28, 1928: C.V. Raman downs 100 packages of microwaved soup noodles and broth. In hospital for sodium overdose, he first documents the Raman Effect.

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