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Twitter Topic: #bettywhitefacts

Here are my contributions to the #bettywhitefacts ideas that were bouncing around on Twitter recently.

* Betty White is the old woman your man could smell like. I’m on a horse.
* Chuck Norris calls it corn. Betty White calls it maize. So you’d better start ordering maize on the cob.
* Charles Foster Kane wasn’t talking about some silly sled. Rosebud is the totemic word that summoned the Elder Goddess here.
* Betty White rips wookiees’ arms off when she loses.
* Betty White puts Baby in the corner.
* Betty White can both tug on Superman’s cape AND spit into the wind while messing around with Jim.
* Betty White had nine dwarves and King Awesome to wake her from deathly slumber.
* Betty White comes out at night mostly. Mostly.

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