Wessed Up History – 2/15/2010

* Feb. 8, 1692: Salem apparently falls prey to a rare witch infestation. Men take charge! Hilarity ensues.
* Feb. 9, 1870: The U.S. Weather Bureau is established, providing year-round delivery of rain, snow, sleet, and sandstorms to justify expense of U.S. Postal Service.
* Feb. 9, 1928: Frank Frazetta slices his way out of a roaring dragon atop a burning volcano using a paintbrush.
* Feb. 10, 1258: Baghdad falls to the Mongols, who are disappointed to find no signs of WMDs. Faulty spy vultures get blame.
* Feb. 11, 1873: King Amadeus of Spain abdicates throne to Salieri, but becomes far more famous anyway.
* Feb. 12, 1915: Lorne Greene is born. He’s already seven in dog years in his crib.
* Feb. 13, 1923: Chuck Yeager pushes his first envelope, breaks the water, and then shatters a speed record coming out of the womb.
* Feb. 14, 1779: James Cook killed by native Hawaiians who misunderstand his attempt to deliver flowers and cards to the king’s daughters.

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