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Between the Lines: “The Fate of Zof Annak”

The new Shattered Mirror story arc on OtherSpace got underway last week with an event titled “The Fate of Zof Annak.”

This first thread in an extended arc was intended only to get the ball rolling. It wasn’t meant to be an epic kitchen-sink adventure. We’re just starting the rollercoaster ride, so the goal was to take a few people on the initial climb, turn, and drop.

In this case, it was the crew of the Laughing Fox. Although several crew wandered in and out of the scene at various times, it ultimately involved only three: Tiana, Fauze, and Tryg.

First, Tiana met with a couple of Hekayti merchants aboard Comorro Station. Here, she learned about a missing freighter called the Ainda and its captain, Zof Annak. Annak was overdue with a shipment of electronics from the city of Vor on Kamsho. The Hekayti agreed to pay Tiana’s crew 30,000 Hekayti Credits if they could pick up the replacement crates from Vor.

The Laughing Fox flew to Kamsho without incident. From a story perspective, it was more important to get them to Kamsho (where the story was) than it was to hammer them with a crisis en route. Once they arrived, it wasn’t long before Zof Annak’s body came tumbling out of a crate and the crew of the Laughing Fox got detained for questioning.

The next day, the crew met with two Llivori detectives – Zip and Odan. Odan was excessively uninquisitive about Zof’s demise, ready to accept that Zof had gotten himself into something nasty that led to his murder. Zip, on the other hand, wanted to keep poking and prodding at Tiana’s crew for more answers. After Odan walked away from the Laughing Fox, clearing the ship for departure, Zip ducked under the freighter’s belly and planted a device that would come into play after the Laughing Fox went into faster-than-light.

And this is when the crisis hit: The Fox went to FTL, while three worms activated within the engineering systems. If the ship dropped out of FTL, one of the worms would trigger a critical reaction in the ship’s reactor. Two of the worms, besides providing a trigger for the third, created some annoying Muzak-style tunes through the ship’s intercom system. (My goal with this was to provide some light-hearted humor to go along with the “ZOMG WE’RE GOING TO DIE!” crisis business. The players behind the characters aboard the Fox are already pretty good at this, so I wanted to play to that strength.)

Tryg and Tiana used a lot of action cards – including some received as veteran rewards and special holiday event cards – to safely resolve the crisis. They didn’t always think of this option on their own. At times, I would check their +inv and note “You could apply so-and-so to this,” and they’d usually take the advice. So, players: Remember, you’ve got those cards to use! And refs: Be sure to check those +inventories and provide some guidance when you’re putting players in peril.

After the crew got back to Comorro, they received a payment of 35,000 (including a bonus for the hazardous incident) and each participant got a medal for their +sheet commemorating their involvement in this arc event.

The Ainda is still missing and the Fox’s saboteur remains on Kamsho. What happens next? Well, that’s largely up to the crew of the Fox. Wait and see!

  1. Rar, The
    February 14, 2010 at 5:58 pm

    “The Hekayti agreed to pay Tiana’s crew 30,000 Hekayti Credits if they could pick up the replacement crates from Vor.”

    30,000? That’s OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAAND!!!

    I got nothing.

    But seriously though, I think you should record all major events like this and add them to some kind of timeline. I wish we’d done this with Chiaroscuro (it was one of the ideas I had TOO late!).

    Beneficial for newbies wanting to read about recent history, and beneficial for everyone for keeping track of The Story So Far (especially when it comes to reminiscing!).

    • February 14, 2010 at 7:38 pm

      Yeah, that’s one of the reasons I’m doing it. I want to do a better job of chronicling HOW it happened, not just WHAT happened.

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