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Twitter Topic: #poultrymovies

Here are my contributions to the #poultrymovies ideas that were bouncing around on Twitter recently.

* This Hen for Hire
* King Cock
* The Princess Fried
* Hen-Hur
* Daybeakers
* The Bok of Eli
* Manos: The Hens of Fate
* Invasion of the Body Hatchers
* The Last Henhouse on the Left
* Bill and Ted’s Egg Salad Adventure
* A Leg of Their Own
* A Gizzard Runs Through It
* Breast of Show
* Brokebeak Mountain
* Boys on the Sunny Side
* Earth Girls are Over Easy
* Wyandotte Earp
* Sussex, Lies and Videotape
* Rhode Island Red Sonja
* My Faverolles Year
* Children of the Cornish
* Cockadoodle Dundee
* Broiler Room

* To Live and Fry in L.A.
* The Hen That Rocks the Cradle
* In the Line of Fryer
* The Fryin’ King
* Clear and Present Free Ranger
* Fry Hard
* GoldenFry
* Bokbokahontas
* Meet the Bokkers
* The Passion of the Crisp
* Wattlestar Bokboktica
* Deep Fried Six
* Breaded Dawn
* Fried and Prejudice
* Clawshank Redemption
* Clucky You
* Feather of the Bride
* The Taloned Mr. Ripley
* Beakdraft

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