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Wessed Up History Week in Review – 2/1/2010

* Jan. 25, 1915: Alexander Graham Bell makes first transcontinental phone call, saying to Watson, “LOL! Wut?” Watson replies, “inorite.” Bell then runs out of minutes on his plan.
* Jan. 26: Happy Australia Day! It’s traditional to wear big fake kangaroo feet and yell “G’day!” at your co-workers.
* Jan. 27, 1606: Gunpowder Plot trial begins. Guy Fawkes proclaims: “Would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for those meddling kids!”
* Jan. 28, 1968: Sarah McLachlan’s mother finally gives birth after nine months of umbilically channeled guilt-inducing visions of abused pets. Considered ending it in month six.
* Jan. 29, 1916: German blimps bomb Paris. Startled onlookers shout: “Oh, zee huge manatees!”
* Jan. 30, 1974: Christian Bale storms drunkenly out of the womb, shouting obscenities at nursing assistants.
* Jan. 31: It’s International Leprosy Day! Lend a hand. Or, you know, whatever…

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