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Wessed Up History Week in Review: 1/18/2010

* Jan. 11, 1878: Tired of losing so much milk carried in cupped hands, someone gets bright idea to use bottles instead.
* Jan. 12, 1915: An act of Congress forms Rocky Mountain National Park. Before that, it was a Wal-Mart Superdupercenter.
* Jan. 13, 1942: German test pilot first uses aircraft ejection seat. Simultaneously credited as debut of the Slinky.
* Jan. 14, 1875: Albert Schweitzer is born. Before that, people sarcastically said “Yeah, you’re a real John Rudolf Thorbecke.” This change is welcomed.
* Jan. 15, 1892: James Naismith publishes rules of basketball. Original ball: Hobo skull. Original basket: Hollowed elephant leg.
* Jan. 16, 1935: Baby racer A.J. Foyt VROOOOOMS! from the womb after nine months circling in an oval.
* Jan. 17, 1773: Captain James Cook sails below the Antarctic Circle, realizing too late that he didn’t pack a warm jacket or mittens. Dies saving Rose from the icy water.

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