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Twitter Topic: #lowbudgetmovies

Here are my contributions to the #lowbudgetmovies ideas that were bouncing around on Twitter recently.

* Squad of Darkness
* I Know What You Did Last Earth Day
* Distant Encounters of the Heard Kind
* Waterisland
* Mildly Lethal Kombat
* Not Bothering to Exhale
* Fool’sGoldenEye
* Handicap Ramps of Madison County
* Independence Minute
* A Time to Lightly Maim
* 1 Dalmatian and a Rented Pony
* As Mediocre As It Gets
* Thinking About Saving Private Ryan Over Lunch
* Doctor Donothing
* You’ve Got No Mail
* The Cubicle is Not Enough
* The Barely Competent Mr. Ripley
* Crouching Kitten, Hidden Gecko

* Harry Potter and the Sidewalk Crack
* Along Came a Bedbug
* One Week’s Notice Without Severance
* We Were Soldier Re-Enactors
* Gangs of New Hampshire
* Pirates of Lake Okeechobee
* The Italian Sub Job
* Bruce Just Alrighty
* Something’s Gotta Take
* How to Lose a Wallet in 10 Minutes
* Lemon Substitute-y Snicket
* Without a Paddle, a Boat, or a River. Really, Just in a Box in the Garage Making Glub-Glub Noises.
* Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Concession Stand
* March of the Pigeons
* The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Fresno
* Memoirs of a Bag Lady
* Sin Subdivision
* Me and Dupree
* Casino Rural
* Little Miss Sunlamp
* 3:10 to Bithlo
* No Trailer Park for Old Men
* Kung-Fu Poodle
* Get Smarter Than a Fifth Grader
* Costco Crate of Solace
* 9 to Noon
* Somewhere in Tempe
* Look Who’s Napping
* Joe vs. the Vacuum Cleaner
* Prince of Tide Detergent
* The Fisher Price King
* Shallow Impact
* Scent of a Meat Loaf
* Briefly Young
* Schindler’s Post-It Note
* Interview with the Census Taker
* The Retention Pond Wild
* Bullets Over South Central
* Batman For a Limited Time
* Uwe Boll in Love

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