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OtherSpace Player of the Decade – 2000-2009

In considering a choice for the OtherSpace Player of the Decade, I took the following criteria into account:

* Joined no later than the year 2000
* Actively participated throughout much of the decade
* Generated RP activities
* Fleshed out lore for at least one race
* Demonstrated, time and again, a desire to see OtherSpace grow and thrive
* Participated in the broader MUDing community to get the word out
about the game
* Recruited and assisted newbies as much as possible
* Rarely, if ever, wavered in their enthusiasm about OtherSpace, even
in our darkest hours

We’ve had many players who qualify under a couple of criteria. We’ve got a few that meet most of them. But we’ve really only had one who meets every single qualification on that list, so the choice became fairly academic for me.

Wik’ikik is the OtherSpace Player of the Decade.

When he started on OtherSpace in the year 2000, he was a kid who stumbled onto our collaborative roleplaying MUSH from experiences colored more by automated MUDs. I had my doubts about him. I was kind of snobby about MUDers back then. He’s the reason I stopped making presumptions about MUDers, though. He really took to OtherSpace, even going so far as to adopt the Odarites as his pet project and creating a modest website for them. Over the years, as he grew up IRL, he took a more central role in the MUSH and helped guide and shape it. When he saw problems, he addressed them – either by working the issues out himself or by enlisting my assistance.

When activity declines, he worries. He doesn’t JUST worry, though. He tries to do something about it. He seems to recognize that there’s not much benefit in fuming and sniping at people. Forward motion is how we go onward. It’s how we survive. That’s why you’ll often see his recruitment posts cropping up at Top MUD Sites or the MUD Connector – even though those sites aren’t as vibrant as they once were. That’s why you’ll see him nudging people IC when we have a lot of people lurking OOC.

He’s always got a cool head, even when some jackass is calling him the “mockworthy Paris Hilton of the MUSHing world” or a twink logs on to call a long-gone admin a “fagort.” I was actually once quite honored to have had someone accuse Wik of being a puppet version of me – basically, they said he was an admin alt character that I used to deflect attention from myself. (This was an odd thing to accuse me of, considering the allegations made by the same person that I’ve always been this huge attention whore.) If someone wants to accuse me of being Wik, I’m all for it. I’ve been called patient, but he puts me to shame in that department. He has devoted more time and energy to OtherSpace in the past 10 years than I can lay any claim to. When work, real-life issues, or my habit of taking on more ambitious new projects take center stage for me, Wik has always been there to keep the lights on.

Now, he’s all grown up. He’s married. He’s got a kid. It’s a little hard for me to believe, mostly because it means I have to think about how I’m getting older too. But I am really proud of what he’s accomplished with his life and I’m pleased that he still devotes what time he can to the MUSH.

We’re all lucky to have him on OtherSpace.

  1. Razorback
    January 10, 2010 at 11:00 pm

    Here here! I heartily approve. Congratulations, Wik, and thank you for everything.

  2. Rar, The
    January 10, 2010 at 11:07 pm

    Wes Platt :He’s always got a cool head, even when some jackass is calling him the “mockworthy Paris Hilton of the MUSHing world” or a twink logs on to call a long-gone admin a “fagort.”

    Or when someone accuses him of being Bahamut! I mean, who’d want to be THAT guy? Man, I’d lose my cool if someone we- oh, wait…

    But yes, Wik’iki is an pretty cool guy. eh pwns teh nubs and doesn’t afraid of anything.

  3. Dean
    February 23, 2010 at 3:27 am

    This is kinda late but, congrats Wik. Your my hero.

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