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Twitter Topic: #baconmovies

Okay, so I started this one on Twitter and it really took off, much to my amusement. Here are my contributions to it:

* Fatbackdraft
* The Sizzle of My Success
* Mannecon
* Adventures in Baconsitting
* Spatula Not Included
* Jowl of the Nile
* The Bac-Outsiders
* Hormel Hears a Who
* Along Came Polyunsaturated
* A Bypass Runs Through It
* Do The Nitrite Thing
* Bacon Fink
* Half-Baconed
* Rasherdance
* Flitch Lives
* Collopoli
* Enemy Brine
* Smoked and the Bacon
* Unsmoked
* The Full Breakfast Club
* Armagammon
* Silver Streaky
* The Cured
* Pork Fiction
* Kung Fu Pork Fat
* Max Pig
* The Baconfry Effect
* Observe and Re-Pork
* E.C. the Extra-Crispy
* 3:10 to Yummy
* No Calories for Old Men
* Bacon Almighty
* Back Bacon to the Future
* Run, Fatback Boy, Run
* Gone, Bacon, Gone
* BloodclotRayne
* Zack and Miri Make a Grand Slam Breakfast
* The Devil Wears Oscar Mayer
* Failure to Lunch
* The Baconator
* The Taking of Pelham BLT
* Van Dripping
* Nanny McFry
* Cellulite
* Fatback Mountain
* The Porker Express
* Eternal Sunshine of the Greaseless Rind
* Cholesterol Man
* Slices on a Plane
* The Bacon Job
* Batman Bacons
* The Pork Knight
* The Lord of the Rinds
* Wood-Smoked Bacon Aces
* Things We Lost in the Grease Trap
* The Upside of Heart Disease
* Bacon Dangerous
* The Sum of All Fats
* Sizzle After Reading
* Maria Full of Grease

  1. Rarrisaurus
    January 4, 2010 at 8:06 am

    I think the success of this one can only mean one thing: the time is now right for #goatmovies.

    You know what you must do… later on this week.

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