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Sherlock Holmes: No duh!

The latest incarnation of Sherlock Holmes comes to us courtesy of rough-and-tough action director Guy Ritchie and ever-resurgent ’80s burnout Robert Downey Jr.

Rampant fisticuffs are the unmistakable signs of a Ritchie film and I think everybody but the drugged-out dog throws a punch or a kick at someone else before the final credits roll.

It’s an interesting story, with Sherlock and Watson matching wits against a society of dark mages led by the devious Lord Blackwood. I couldn’t help thinking of this pairing of Sherlock and Watson as more akin to Batman and Alfred, especially with the addition of the roguish Irene Adler (Catwoman, for our purposes in this comparison).

There were some amusing twists and turns, although some of the narrative re-weavings get a little redundant over time. (The first instance when I get to look inside the mind of Holmes as he maps out the physical obliteration of an opponent, I get it – he does this. The other times, it’s just indulgent unless Holmes gets it wrong.)

Fun movie, despite my brief grumbling there. Definitely worth seeing on the big screen!

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