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Wessed Up History Week in Review: 12/27/2009

* Dec. 21, 1118: Thomas Becket is born. Mom warns him to steer clear of vespers, but martyrs do what martyrs will.
* Dec. 22, 1864: General Sherman takes Savannah, ending March to the Sea. Begins Pirhouette to the Pub.
* Dec. 23, 1819: Poet Jan Jakob Lodewijk ten Kate born. Often says, “No, I’m not John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt. His name’s not mine too!”
* Dec. 24, 1865: Confederate vets from the Civil War decide they haven’t fought enough losing battles and form the Ku Klux Klan.
* Dec. 25, 1924: Rod Serling is born, but mom takes issue with womb being described as “a dimension not only of sight and sound, but of mind.”
* Dec. 26, 1919: The Boston Red Sox sell Babe Ruth to the Yankees. And everyone lives happily ever after.
* Dec. 27, 1932: Radio City Music Hall opens in NYC. Original Rockettes include four kilted hobos, Joan Rivers, and a young leggy Abe Vigoda.

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