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Wessed Up History Week in Review: Dec. 13, 2009

* Dec. 6, 1240: Mongols under Batu Khan take Kiev. Mongols under Chaka Khan fare poorly in Shazamistan, however.

* Dec. 7, 1956: Basketball legend Larry Bird pops from the womb, nothing but net. Marv Albert enthuses: “AND IT COUNTS!”

* Dec. 8, 1911: Actor Lee J. Cobb is born – one angry baby with some serious five o’clock shadow and rage issues.

* Dec. 9: Happy Anna-versary! It’s Anna Day in Sweden and Finland. No lutefisk for you, Mary Sue!

* Dec. 10, 1830: Emily Dickinson is born on this day, condemned to rhyme verses in every which way.

* Dec. 11, 1962: Canada performs its last prisoner execution after deciding the act was simply too rude. Electric chair used to power first Tim Horton’s.

* Dec. 12, 1863: Painter Edvard Munch is born, spiraling out of womb with mouth gaping open silently and palms pressed against his face.

* Dec. 13, 1957: Steve Buscemi is born. He doesn’t want pink skin. He wants purple. Mom grumbles: “Purple’s on another kid!”

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