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WoW: Dungeon Finder downside

Not so long ago, Blizzard introduced a feature with bind-on-pickup loot that allowed players who may have accidentally ninjafied the item to give it to a needier party member within the next couple of hours. That was a great move.

However, it seems to have been largely undone by the new Dungeon Finder tool, which randomly groups you with players who are often from other servers.

Yesterday, I participated in a PUG in Gundrak. It was rough going. We got about halfway through, killed a troll boss, and one of our members – a warrior – need-rolled some cloth boots while the rest of us were greeding. He grabbed them, dropped group, and went happily back to his server. Luckily, none of the rest of the party really needed the item, but it illustrates a minor flaw in the Dungeon Finder system.

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