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In the Works: OtherSpace

Stuff I’ve got Loki and Colchek working on:

* Tying SQL to the crafting system.

Stuff I’ve got Wik working on:

* HSpace!

Stuff I’ve got Colchek working on:

* Revamped +calendar system
* Build your own alien race web interface
* Build your own planet web interface

Stuff I’m working on:

* No Son of Hekayt
* Improving website/newbie friendliness
* Crafting: Adding functionality of Action Cards and Event Cards as components. (Waiting for SQL-ificiation)

Stuff I need to remember to ask Colchek about:

* A player version of +str, called +rpr, which would allow anyone to post requests for RP (with broadcasts to a publicly-accessble RP channel) and would allow anyone with at least a Red Belt in roleplaying expertise/event coordination to assign or accept the requests.
* An alternative +str for +alt applications, which would consume the prerequisite alt vouchers and check for the correct expertise belts before allowing the request to go through.
* A tweak to +taskroll or +sheet that would allow players to use Action Cards to give themselves a buff and consume the card rather than handing off the card every time.

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