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Character Building: Who Did They Admire?

Starting with this post, I’ll be sharing occasional exercises for roleplayers (and writers in general) to help flesh out their characters.

Most of us have grown up under the influence of someone we’ve looked up to and admired. So, put yourself in the shoes of your characters and try to determine who they might have considered a mentor during their childhood and adolescence. Who were they? What role did that person play in shaping the character? How did the relationship evolve over time? Where are they now?

Please post blurbs about your characters as comments replying to this post.

  1. Razorback
    December 12, 2009 at 7:36 am

    Well, lessee, for Razor this is pretty easy. RP with him long enough and he’s sure to mention his father, the former Cliffwalker Patriarch who taught him that nobility is not a simple birthright, but a way of acting that can come from anyone.
    He has also, on occasion, referred to the retainer whose job it was to train him. He also has a healthy respect for any captain he’s served under, and for Silvereye.

    For Lyddmull, both of his parents serve this function, and during the character’s existence on Chia, Duhnen was probably the most influential, with Kael

  2. Razorback
    December 12, 2009 at 7:40 am

    , Celeste, and Griedan adding some of theirs as well.

    The others … More difficult. Acran admired Grishnak, a former bodyguard of Queen Odriax, but the Mekke don’t exactly work the same way. FXR is Phyrrian so … Definitely not the same.

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