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WoW: Patch 3.3 Dungeon Finder

Tonight I patched WoW up to 3.3 and headed in for a big adventure in a cross-realm instance pick-up group using the new Dungeon Finder feature.

It basically takes the old Looking for Group tool and amplifies it so that all instances work like Alterac Valley PvP battleground: You don’t have to pray your server has enough people to go, you just wait until enough people queue up from the server battlegroup and off you go. Still: It’s a PUG system.

I spent about 20 minutes waiting for a group for the Halls of Lightning instance – a dungeon I had never run before with my DPS-specced warrior, Stamp. Repeatedly, I’d join a group only to have the system announce that someone had declined the invite and it cancelled the PUG. Finally, though, we got a group together. And once we were in – well, it was pretty smooth sailing, really. We had a couple of deaths, but never a total wipe – and I landed some achievements.

So, first impression of Dungeon Finder? I like it a lot!

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